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To begin, thanks for being our guest. Now that you're at this page, you have probably already seen something of the Horstline line-up.

We'd like to assure you that there's real people behind these products — owners and team members with deep agricultural roots.

Whitewater Welding, Horstline's manufacturer, was begun by Galen Horst as a part-time, on-farm business before opening full-time in 2001. Eight years later, John Deveen, in a careful ownership transfer, assumed full business responsibility.

Coming from a hard-working Ottawa valley farm family, John has extensive experience in product manufacturing and repairs. In fact, as a Whitewater Welding employee, he assisted in the development of Horstline high dumps and dump trailers. Under John's leadership, Whitewater continues to offer the innovation and quality commitment that Horstline products have always built on.

As our company has grown, we've sold equipment throughout eastern Canada and in the US. And while we still primarily serve the agricultural community, contractors and other companies have also purchased Horstline products.

In working for you, our goal is to always offer you innovative designs, rugged construction, and dependable performance at an affordable price.

Please feel very free to contact us with any questions. And especially to our friends and neighbors in Ontario and Quebec, drop in when you can. You'll find us in the little town of Foresters Falls, part of Ontario's beautiful Ottawa Valley — a region decidely worth your visit!

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Whitewater Welding
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