LS 200 Specifications
Volume: 500 Bushel
Box Length: 20 Ft.
Weight Capacity: 20 Ton 40,000 Lbs
Hubs: 10 Bolt 16,000 Lbs Hub and Spindle
Standard Tire size: 550/45x22.5 Aliance Flotation Tire
Standard Axle: Walking Tandem
Standard: Height Adjustable Rubber Mounted Suspension Hitch w/Swivel Clevis
Standard Lights: Brake/Signal Light
Standard: Removable Rear Spreaders (2 Pin Quick Attach)
Jack: 12,000 Lbs Drop Leg Bulldog Jack
Optional: Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Optional: Quick Attach Hopper w/10" Bi-fold Hydraulic Drive Auger (for use as rear unload grain buggy)
“Our Horstline HD1000 high dump wagon and NX200 dump trailer, both with Alliance floatation tires, are a very efficient way of filling our bunker silos. Our operators would never want to go back to using wagons.” —Dairy Farmer, Uxbridge, Ontario