Lime Spreaders

Horstlines LS Series spreaders are a multifunctional spreader. Having the capability of spreading lime or fertilizer. With hydraulic driven motors and variable speed settings, you can spread down to 100 lbs per acre of fertilizer with a 60 ft swath. This kind of control offers the ability to spread product to your specific needs. With its rugged construction and heavy duty frame you can load this beast full of lime, cutting costs and time, improving productivity. Also our LS Series offers the option of removing the rear spreaders via quick attach, then attaching hopper with bi-fold auger, turning this spreader into a rear unloading grain buggy. With features like these, its like getting 3 machines for the price of one.

“It was a pleasure working with Whitewater Welding to have our custom dump trailer built. We got more than we wished for and are very happy with our trailer” -Poultry Farmer, Chesley, Ontario