RX120 Specifications
Capacity: 32,000 lb. / 16.5 tons
Box Size: 12' x 7.5'
Side Height: 33"
Overall Height: 83"
Volume: 248 cu. ft.
Hubs and Spindles: 8-bolt, 10,000 lb., 3.5" dia.
Axle Type: walking tandem
Tire Size: 385/65R22.5 used
Tilt Angle: 60°
Hoist: 6", 4-sec., 59" stroke
Oil Volume: 17.6L
Jack: 12,000 lb. drop leg
Lights and Signals: standard
Tailgate Hydraulic
Floor Plate: 1/4"
Side Material: 3/16"
T1 plate optional for higher strength and abrasion resistance.
Heavier floor is also available
All RX series trailers can be fitted with extensions for handling lighter materials.
Whitewater Welding reserves the right to change specifications without notice.

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“Our Horstline HD1000 high dump wagon and NX200 dump trailer, both with Alliance floatation tires, are a very efficient way of filling our bunker silos. Our operators would never want to go back to using wagons.” —Dairy Farmer, Uxbridge, Ontario